Private Gold

Own gold

Use it conveniently and safely

Never let the card out of your hands. We have made a completely contactless card for you – thanks to VISA PayWave, pay with your smartphone with ApplePay or GooglePay

Travel easily

A single multi-currency card – one card, one PIN, THREE currencies (UAH, EUR, USD)

Keep everything under control

Connect our MyBank365 mobile app for free and manage your accounts online 24/7. Receive SMS messages for each transaction in the retail or on the Internet

Manage your family's budget

Upon your request, we will issue additional cards for the main accounts for your entire family. Set the necessary spending limits and monitor the flow of funds. You will not miss important payments with our regular payments service

A higher percentage in local currency and foreign currency and you can save funds for any purpose

In addition to current accounts, we will open savings accounts in UAH, EUR, USD for free with interest payment in all currencies

Financial risk insurance

At our own expense, we have insured you against losses from unauthorized transactions on the Internet, in retail, ATMs

Receive gifts from our WE VALUE programme

Just use the card as you always do and we will connect you to our gift programme in entertainment, gadgets, and useful things for free and without additional registration.