Visa Gold rewards program

Pay with a VISA GOLD card in retail and service and on the Internet, accumulate points and exchange them for gifts.

Basic rules

  • Bonuses are awarded for operations in retail and service and on the Internet using the card, with some exceptions*.
  • Bonuses are accumulated on separate Bonus Accounts. Bonus accounts are opened automatically for holders of VISA Gold (range 413282700).
  • Customers can transfer (combine) bonuses to each other in order to exchange them for more expensive goods and services.
  • The list of banking services included in the Award Program is available on the Bank's website.
  • Members of the Rewards Programme can also exchange their accumulated bonuses for products and services from the "We Value" Rewards Catalogue.
  • The Bank informs clients about bonus accruals/charges via SMS messages.
  • In addition, customers can find out the quantity of accumulated points by contacting the contact centre or a Bank branch.

*Operations that do not earn bonuses:

  • The receipt of cash through ATMs, POS-terminals and cash desks of banks; Payment of traveller's cheques, costs of any gambling;
  • Payment of commission fees, credit arrears and accrued interest on credits, fines and penalties to the Bank;
  • Non-cash transfers of funds, including transactions in Internet banking, ATM and transfers from card to card;
  • Refund of sums previously paid for goods and services (reverses).

How do I exchange bonuses for rewards?

  • Select a reward from the WE VALUE. catalogue.
  • Contact the Bank's branch with a written request to exchange bonuses for the desired award.
  • Together with a Bank employee, check whether your bonus account has the necessary amount of bonuses required to exchange for an award.
  • The Bank employee will inform you of the period during which you will receive award.
  • At the same time you receive your reward, you will receive an SMS message about charging points from your bonus account.

Detailed rules for participation in the Rewards Programme.